Benjamin Poole

Benjamin Poole

“Benjamin Poole is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Philadelphia, PA. Having received most of his musical training from a childhood spent singing in choirs, he makes music filled with lush layers of harmony and a careful ear for detail. Benjamin takes a composer’s approach to songwriting, employing elegant arrangements to weave together pieces of indie rock, baroque pop and hushed folk into something beautiful and heartfelt.”

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Boo Baby


“Boo Baby is a tasty little cookie for our Milky Way, a home-made treat like you’d pick up in a mom and pop gas station. It’s poetry-based pop. Scranton natives Robert Salazar and Kevin Tellie were born in the same hospital bed and when you see them live, you can feel it.”

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Carolyn Thorn


“Carolyn Thorn is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, songwriter on guitar, ukulele, and piano. In her spare time she runs while consuming mass amounts of leafy greens and caffeinated beverages. She is also a board-certified music therapist.”

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“Dead is a funk odyssey viewed through the lens of a smoky barroom somewhere in a stagnant purgatory. It’s those fever dreams you had last winter where everyone you had ever met was at your funeral and you had them on Skype from inside your coffin. It’s funk. It’s noise. It’s a barnyard stomp. It’s mostly funk. It’s chewy. It’s beefy. They’re dead.”

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Flounder Warehouse


“Flounder Warehouse’s newest LP, Self-Checkout Line, is an album that barely stays in one place for long, constantly morphing itself from a jazz album, to a pop album, to something entirely its own. Seann Cantatore leads the group with her engaging vocal skill which is flexible enough to fit into any genre.” – Sean Fennell, The Key@WXPN

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Iris Freeheart

Iris Freeheart

“Iris Freeheart is a Philadelphia based Steamfolk/Paleo-Pop collective. Their performances and recordings are highly engaging, multisensory experiences involving Zissle’s interactive, immersive sculptures and projected stop-motion painted animations.”

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Lady Parts

Lady Parts

“Three Philly girls who enjoy gin and tonics, gluten-free dinosaur pasta, and jammin’ together. They carry melodies like angels in heaven and bring the grit like the garage rock heroes they are.”

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line leader

Line Leader

“Surf-tinged psych rock straight from your basement. Thoughtful questioning lyrics and a powerful, pulsing rhythm section put line leader firmly at the vanguard of Philly’s DIY scene.”

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Michael Cormier


“Originally from Portland, Maine, Michael is a multi-instrumentalist, primarily the drummer for Friendship. He also writes and performs his own material and fronts a new instrumental collective called Hour. He draws inspiration from folk and ambient music as well as hip hop.”

Port Arthur








“A breath of fresh air and a really inventive, playful one at that. God damn massive horn arrangements, terribly thunderous moments that give way to groovy serenity before tossing you into a bubbling churning sea and the lifeboat has left you here but it’s not so bad to just tread water for a while.”

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Spot Collins


“Spot Collins writes songs about Netflix, God, and motorcycles. They are often of a narrative sort and feature many words that rhyme with each other. Intentionally wry and apparently plaintive, the band seems to be going for Randy Newman, but lands somewhere short of Todd Snider.”

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Traffic Nightmare

Traffic Nightmare

“Traffic Nightmare started as a way for Kevin Stairiker to get all of the dumb songs in his head out of his head. Eventually, he enlisted his best friends from high school – Steve, Johnny and Colin. They make the disjointed music that they want to hear. T.N. is currently traversing universes both known and unknown but they’ll be… back… soon…”

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Van Wolf


“Second-generation Philly punk rocker Evan Hoskins was raised on a strict diet of grammar and rock and roll. At 13, tragedy struck. Evan disappeared in the night with the message ‘Taken by wolves’ scrawled on his bedroom wall. In 2013, Van Wolf emerged from the wilderness with a new batch of songs and the wildness and ferocity of an untamed beast. Hear him howl. Hear him play.”

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Zach Feingold

zach feingold

“Zach Feingold, singer-songwriter and Temple alum, piano extraordinaire and bassoon master. His music is folk straight from the heart, distilled through a fine sense of pop craftsmanship. Also, a very funny dude.”

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Philadephia, PA