What Am I?

Hickory Lane was the original name of Philadelphia’s Fairmount Avenue, the main artery of the neighborhood I’ve lived in for the past four years. I’ve taken a great amount of inspiration from the surroundings – the classical structures of the Art Museum and the Water Works next to Boathouse Row, overlooking the turbulent Schuylkill River and the (relatively) scenic trails of Kelly Drive.

Hickory Lane Records is an effort to collect the sounds and experiences of a particular time and place, when Philadelphia is again establishing itself as an important contributor to the greater artistic culture. Philadelphian artists sing with a distinct creative voice, whether through music, poetry or the visual arts. They are influenced by the diversity of a world-class city which encourages community, growth and risk-taking. In this environment, they flourish.

Featured on the label is a group of musicians who have collaborated time and again, who play out consistently and who are beginning to make waves in the Philly independent music scene. They are united by a love of performance and soulful dedication to their craft. Every album featured is the profound and unique vision of its artist, often spanning genres and defying definition, and they are all worth a listen.

~ Luke Shefski, founder, 2016


Philadephia, PA