Benjamin Poole Announces Debut Album “Madrugada”

First Single “Stranger” Available Now

Benjamin Poole

Madrugada is the period between midnight and dawn, and this debut full-length from Philly’s Benjamin Poole should be listened to in that silent hour between 3 and 4 AM, when the first birds start to rustle but you are still very likely to see a shooting star or some other eerie phenomenon in the sky. It’s a record crafted like few are, with deft arrangements and instrumentation shot through with remarkable vision. Benjamin Poole is a composer as much as he is a performer. Several tracks feature primarily wordless vocal melodies, which build upon each other hypnotically. Moments of static and noise fade in and around brisk folk melodies strummed on a driving acoustic guitar. Benjamin’s songwriting has achieved a magical blend of artfulness and sincerity. Listen to “Stranger,” the first single from Madrugada, on Spotify, iTunes, and anywhere else fine songs are heard. Madrugada will be available January 29th, 2018 via Hickory Lane Records.