Flounder Warehouse releases new music video, is awesome

Congrats to Flounder Warehouse on the successful release of their killer new video! Some words Seann Cantatore on the release:

Thoughts on the song: “‘What To Do’ is different from any other song I’ve ever written. Most of my tunes tend to have a soulful tinge or an R&B vibe, but this has its own separate genre in my eyes. I’ve been playing it at our shows for close to 5 years but usually solo or as a duo with my violinist. Shortly before recording our most recent album, my drummer and bassist decided to play minimally on it at a rehearsal. We thought it sounded super cool and tasteful so we included that on the recorded track. I think they add just enough to the song without taking the attention away from the vocals, piano, and violin. I love how it turned out. Max Morgan, our sound engineer at Watts Studio, and our mastering engineer, Ryan Schwabe, did an incredible job. Because of them, this track sounds as raw and entrancing as I hoped it would (thanks guys!).”
Fun fact about the shoot: “The behind-the-scenes crew consisted of my parents, retired English teacher from high school, and friends of 10+ years (one of whom custom built a dolly for this shoot, making some really beautiful shots possible). It made the day truly special and full of mutual trust.”

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