Van Wolf Issues Breakup Declaration to Philly in Debut Record

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Van Wolf: Assortment of Secrets
February 14th, 2017


Van Wolf Issues Breakup Declaration to Philly in Debut Record


(Philadelphia, PA) Feb. 9th, 2017 – Philly-born songwriter Van Wolf is breaking up with his beloved hometown. You heard that right: He’s relocating to Los Angeles seeking new opportunities, but he’s left his heart in Philly. Over the past year Van Wolf, known to his comrades as Evan Hoskins, has poured his energy into a finely-wrought debut album that compiles the secrets and dreams of a young man making his way in a confusing world.

Assortment of Secrets spins a web of intersecting tales, from acid trips in Fairmount Park to the post-grad nightmare of student loan debt. The mundane and the fantastical meet in a stunning array of poetry set to rock and roll. “I’ve been twisting my tongue,” he says,“an assortment of secrets just coming undone.” Out of this unraveling, Van Wolf knits personal tribulations into gentle ballads, raucous and sensual sermons, and everything in between.


Assortment of Secrets is out digitally Tuesday, February 14th, 2017 on Hickory Lane Records.

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